Instantly makes your copy better –“dimensionalize”

As you begin your journey into copywriting, you’ll stumble across this term: dimensionalize.

It’s an important concept because it can take your copy from from bad to great instantly, with minimal extra effort or difficulty.

And when you dimensionalize your copy it suddenly becomes filled with personality. (If you read my email on Friday, you know how important personality and branding is for making the sales process easier.)

Okay, dimensionalizing simply means: to make your writing feel more "real" to a reader.

But what does "real" mean?

Copy that is "not real" is often not visual enough (it lacks dimension).

To make your copy real and dimensionalized, you want people to be able to clearly picture the scene or benefit in their mind.

Let me show you how it works through a short story…

My wife and I have been renovating our house over the past 2 years.

And, let me tell you, my wife does not half-ass anything.

She’s spent countless hours researching all aspects of home renovation and design. You should see the level of detail in her various spreadsheets.

The other day she told me she was up at 2am comparing and contrasting the different levels of drywall texture.

Did you know there are 5 tiers of wall texture smoothness?

I did not.

And that’s the point.

Say you’re selling a course that helps busy people stay organized and have a successful home renovation.

Most copywriters will stop at the surface level and end up with copy that reads like this:

"Are you sick of your home renovation project?"

If you’ve done your research you can dimensionalize your copy and write something like this:

"Have you found yourself up at midnight stressing on level 3 versus level 4 wall texture?"

This is dimensionalized copy.

It’s more compelling. It’s more specific. And it’s "real" / visual / dimensionalized because I can picture someone up late, stressed, comparing and contrasting textures.

This copy also has more personality. It sounds like a real person versus corporate literature.

To start dimensionalizing your copy you simply need to make a little extra effort in your research process.

A lot of business owners and copywriters don’t talk to, and read, what real humans are saying about their problems.

There are 3 ways to do your dimensionalization research (ideally, you combine them all):

  1. You live it.
  2. You talk & LISTEN to people who are living it.
  3. You read (real) reviews and scour forums (Amazon, Reddit, Quora or even Facebook groups).

I’m sure you’ve read this advice before… but are you actually doing it?

If you get out there and read what real people are saying about products and services in your industry, you’ll get tons of ideas that can help dimensionalize your copy and make more sales in the process.


  • Derek