Unlock copywriting superpowers with this money belief method

Yesterday I talked about how my friend inadvertently changed his hard-wired, limiting, self-sabotaging money beliefs – and suddenly unlocked copywriting superpowers.

I mean $0 to $400k in six months superpowers – with that number growing exponentially every month.

(If you didn’t read my email from yesterday, hunt through your inbox and find it. It’s powerful. Seriously. It may be a turning point for you.)

Which brings me to you. (Don’t you love when I talk about you?)

If you’ve got the marketing chops but find yourself struggling to write copy that converts or build a business that sells – almost as if there’s an invisible force that constantly pushes against you, holds you back, and causes you to self-sabotage…

I can almost guarantee your problem is your hard-wired, limiting money beliefs from childhood.
You don’t need more skills.

You just need to truly believe – deep down in your nervous system – that:

  • Money is abundant
  • You’re not evil or a scammer for asking other people for money
  • Other people love spending money if it improves their lives
  • You’re deserving of money
  • And ultimately money is a tool for good.

    (As opposed to most struggling entrepreneurs’ deep money programming from childhood: thinking that money is the root of evil, only rich snobby elitists buy premium/luxury items, anyone who tries to sell you anything is a scammer, and therefore if YOU try to sell anything… especially premium/luxury products… YOU’RE an elitist snobby scammer, and therefore you’re evil for taking money from other people and you don’t deserve much of it. If it sounds like I’m speaking from experience… yep.)
    Because when you overwrite the bad programming with the healthy programming – like embed it deep in your nervous system so it’s just something you know – writing sales messages that convert gets stupidly easy. Almost effortless.

    There is no internal resistance.

    No self-sabotage.

    No invisible force pushing against you.

    No feeling of guilt or constant second-guessing every time you try to sell something.

    So your sales messages convert better.

    You can write more of them.

    You can charge more for your products or services.

    And it becomes a multiplier – money becomes like water. Abundant. Everywhere. You just turn on the tap, it flows in, and this easy access and extreme abundance is totally normal for you.
    So ok, great, but how do you do that?

    I can only speak from my own experience.

    But this is something I’ve worked on myself constantly – and talked about with a lot of really smart people.

    The WRONG way is by reading about it.
    I say this is wrong because you’ve already done it.

    How many times have you heard about limiting money beliefs? About how money is abundant, you can just turn it on like a tap, etc etc etc?

    In other words, all the things I said above.

    Probably a million times. Easily.

    And you can nod your head and agree with it.

    But if it’s not creating any kind of change – if you’re still feeling a resistance every time you try to sell something, if you still feel guilty like you’re scamming other people even when you’re definitely not, if you self-sabotage constantly, if you feel a constant panic because you always make selling stuff way harder and more complicated and pressure-filled than it needs to be and the bills are due next week and why is this so freaking hard for you when you know it should be easy – then it’s worthless.
    The human brain isn’t designed to just read things. When you read things, it doesn’t activate any of the neurons that actually correlate with skill development or change.

    It’s only when you actually practice and do what you read, that those neurons are activated.

    And it’s only then that what you’re learning gets embedded into your brain & nervous system.

    Which leads me to…

    The RIGHT way (in my opinion) is to hire a coach.
    Specifically a good coach.

    A coach who will teach you the concepts – some of which you already know – but then:

    1. Give you tough reinforcement exercises as homework
    2. Follow up on those exercises & analyze your results
    3. And answer your questions as you struggle through those exercises.

    This is literally the most valuable thing you can do for learning any new skill – but when it’s something as valuable and challenging as literally reprogramming deep into your nervous system new beliefs about money, it’s almost mandatory (unless your goal is to somehow stumble on the perfect set of life circumstances and slog through 6 years inadvertently chipping away at it like my friend from yesterday – not really a reliable plan I can confidently recommend).

    Most people never work on this stuff.

    And it’s not a coincidence most people struggle with money and feelings of guilt and self-sabotage every time they try to sell stuff. Like, forever.

    One of my top CopyHour success stories – Ning Li – is opening a coaching program for exactly this.
    Ning went through CopyHour 8 years ago.

    After that, he quickly escalated up the ranks of the copy world – currently serving as copy chief for Paleo Hacks, a powerhouse in the health space.

    At this point he’s sold over $50mm with his copy.

    But he didn’t just go through CopyHour.

    He also went through massive amounts of therapy, coaching, and study specifically around his money blocks from childhood – because he saw early into his career how much it was holding him back.

    A few years ago Ning started offering copy coaching with a minimum $6k enrollment fee (which he has some insane success stories from) but quickly found that maybe 10% of the issues people struggled with were around the mechanics of copy – and 90% were around their money blocks, the same money blocks he’d seen and corrected in himself.

    Things like feeling like they were scammers for selling anything.

    Struggling to charge higher prices (both for products and services) because they didn’t feel worth it – or that anyone would ever pay for it.

    Complicating sales messages and struggling to complete letters because of guilt around selling.

    Struggling to write with confidence because they didn’t believe anyone would ever spend money on their stuff.

    The list goes on.

    Because his students’ results almost entirely always came from reprogramming the blocks from their long-standing, hard-wired childhood money beliefs…

    He decided to drop the copy coaching part – and pivot entirely into rewiring money beliefs coaching.
    So here’s the deal.

    The first round of this coaching starts July 2.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you more about Ning’s coaching offer – and specifically talk about the price.

    That email is going to be a lot of fun because I’m going to challenge you a bit on pricing. If you’ve ever struggled with how to price an offer, tomorrow’s email is going to blow your mind.

    In the meantime, Ning is going to be hosting a webinar about re-programming money beliefs on Thursday 6/20 at 2:30PM PST.

    Whether you’re in the market to spend money on this kind of coaching or not, you’d be insane not to watch this – particularly if anything I’ve written this week has resonated with you.

    Ning is good. Really good.

    He’s already one of the best copywriters working today – add on top of that he’s also successfully coached over 450+ students on this already in his copy coaching program, and you’d be silly not to take the free info he’s giving out. (The free stuff is always the best stuff – that’s how you let customers know you actually know your sh*t.)

>>> Sign up for the webinar here
Even if you can’t make it, sign up for the replays.

(Seriously, I genuinely believe it could be life-changing for you – and I trust Ning entirely.)

That’s all I got for now.

Tomorrow we dive into that juicy pricing psychology email. You’re not going to want to miss it.

— Derek