7-figure newsletter exit in under 10 months?

All this week I’ve been showing you how to setup a solopreneur newsletter that can eventually generate 6 or 7-figures. The drive home point has been: "just get started" because look at how fast serious money can be made:

  • Milk Road was started and sold for an undisclosed 7-figure sum in just 10 months.
  • The Hustle (started by infamous CopyHour student Sam Parr) sold 4 years after it officially started for $27mm.
  • Morning Brew was sold for $75mm 5 years after it was founded.

Now, you might look at the above numbers and get excited (I know it gets me going).

Or you might look at it with a bunch of "But, what about XYZ" objections. And there’s nothing wrong with that — it’s natural to be skeptical.

But my response would be: don’t focus on the possible monetary benefits of starting newsletter if you don’t want to. Focus on the fact that newsletters are really one of the only "can’t lose" solopreneur businesses that exist.

I say "can’t lose" because failure, in the traditional sense, would mean that you’d have to close a business down and you’d lose tens of thousands of dollars. You’d gain nothing in the process.

With a newsletter businesses, and the modern technology and social channels available in 2024, failure really isn’t a thing.

You can setup a newsletter business, with all the tools you need, for under $100.

If your first idea fails, you pivot to the next idea. If that fails, you go to the next, and the next, until an idea hits & it all feels easy and starts to grow quickly.

You also gain skills along the way if the business "fails" too. You’ll learn how email service providers work. You’ll learn about writing email copy. You’ll learn what prospects respond to and don’t respond to.

And honestly, it gets even better. Another side-benefit, is even if you setup the digest model I’ve been explaining, a newsletter automatically positions you as an expert (even if you’re not playing one in the newsletter itself). It’s like having a book. You get some free "social proof" to add to your resume.

The downside of starting a newsletter is about as close to zero as it comes. And obviously the upside is tremendous.

You don’t have to build a huge newsletter and sell it. You can build a small newsletter and figure out how to monetize it. You can start doing 2 things: 1) sending out offers (affiliate offers or your own) or 2) surveying people using the unique method I’ll explain in a moment.

Look, launching a solopreneur newsletter business can and should be super fun. It’s exciting to see names piling up in your dashboard. It’s exciting to send out low-pressure digest-style emails and to get a response.

If you setup things correctly, it can all come together faster than you think which brings me to the Weekend Launch Party course.

If any of what I’ve written this week about newsletters has resonated with you, and you’d like to go deeper, then I encourage you to join the course today.

I talked about how to pick a market (not a "niche") with the Reverse Market Process. I discussed how exactly to build your first landing page and showed you how easy it is to write copy that gets subscribers (people want to subscribe to newsletters these days).

Now it’s time to learn about how to get that first trickle of traffic.

It’s time to learn exactly what your emails should say, including how to make offers (that make sales) and how to survey people to ensure you get the opinions of "buyers" (not freebie-seekers).

It’s time to learn how to take early feedback and figure out your monetization method. And it’s time to learn when to ditch your market and/or topic, and how and when to pivot.

Weekend Launch Party will take out ALL the normal stress of starting a business. Why? Business is only stressful if you’re afraid you’ll lose a lot of money or waste a lot of time.

Again, newsletter businesses can and should be launched for under $100. And, you can never waste time if you’re learning valuable skills in the process. Plus, using the Weekend Launch Party process, you’ll just pivot out of failures into something new.

It’s all laid out, end to end in the Weekend Launch Party.

If you’re even remotely interested, I recommend you join today (Friday) and get your first newsletter test up and out into the world as quickly as this weekend.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you start building one of the most valuable business assets you can have: an email list of subscribers.

You have nothing to lose with this offer. If Weekend Launch Party doesn’t help you confidently launch your own solopreneur newsletter then simply shoot us an email within 14 days for a no-questions asked refund.

Get all the details and join here:

>>> Launch a profitable newsletter this weekend.

– Derek