NJ copywriter launches newsletter in a weekend & takes $1k of my money

If you want to start a newsletter from scratch, then pay attention to what this freelance copywriter from New Jersey did.

He noticed that no one was talking about "X" ads (Twitter) and how to run them. So in a weekend, he slapped together a drop-dead simple landing page and called his newsletter "Xvertising".

The New Jersey copywriter is Chris Orzechowski who you might recognize from a testimonial on the CopyHour sales page.

His Xvertising newsletter is the exact type of newsletter I’ve been harping on building.

Chris didn’t have to be an expert on "X" ads because of the way he positioned it. He’s learning alongside the reader, running his own traffic and sharing any insights.

And now he even monetized quickly by selling consulting services. I paid Chris $1000 for a phone call and some quick advice.

The best part is that he launched it with the speed I’m saying you should launch your newsletter.

In a weekend. Not in a month or two or a year down the line.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a solopreneur newsletter for yourself, but have been dragging your feet because you don’t know exactly what to write about or who would read it… or how quickly it could produce 6 or 7-figures…

Then I have the perfect video course for you.

It’s called the Weekend Launch Party: How To Build A Newsletter From Scratch.

Everyone & every business should have a newsletter or email list… and newsletters are one of the best & fastest ways to start building a consistent, pays-all-your-bills income in 2024.

Here’s an overview of the process & what you’ll learn:

  • Since we’re starting from scratch I’ll show you how to come up with hot & profitable ideas for your newsletter using my Reverse Market process.
  • We’ll discuss how to get traffic (starting from zero with no previous connections & on a highly restricted budget).
  • I’ll show you the exact type of Lead Magnet (aka Landing Page) to use to get your first few subscribers.
  • You’ll learn how a digest newsletter is exactly what subscribers want.
  • I’ll show you how to immediately monetize the list with the help of the 30-Second Survey or by making offers.
  • Then we’ll talk about the different phases of growth and how to work slowly to your first 1000 subscribers and beyond.
  • And we’ll talk tools and tech to publish & make it all happen.

This is an extremely focused & specific step-by-step process — one that I’ve used several times in industries like fan fiction, body language, foreign careers, acting career advice, copywriting, & even AI recently (a project I sidelined).

What this means is I’ll ask you to follow along with the exact process using the exact tools and frameworks I’ll be using.

There are a million different ways to start and grow a newsletter.

This will be just one way… my way… the Weekend Launch Party way.

I want very little guess work on your end.

For pricing, I want this to be accessible and attractive to everyone.

I’m seeing courses like this priced at over $1000 and they’re all generic ("here are 16 different ways to get subscribers") and they’re not nearly as actionable as this course.

But I don’t want to charge $1k.

Which is why the price of the Weekend Launch Party video course is just $197 and you can even break it into 2 monthly payments of $99.

Head over to the sales page to learn how to join:

>>> Launch a profitable newsletter THIS weekend

– Derek