“How is your email copywriting course different?”

There are a lot of email copywriting courses on the market right now (in fact, several former CopyHour members have their own courses on the topic).

So I wanted to take a moment to answer this common question:

"How is Email CopyHour different than XYZ Email Course?"

A lot of people have actually asked me specifically about Ian Stanley’s 8020 Email Copy Crash Course.

Ian’s email product is great and he actually first built it for my CopyHour audience and launched it through us.

I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

The real differences for our courses will be:

The emails we look at and learn through will be different.

Ian’s course looks at a lot of his emails that he’s written for various companies and his own businesses.

In Email CopyHour, we’re going to look at a wide variety of different businesses, with different copywriting voices.

I like to cast a wider net and look at more companies the average or just-getting-started entrepreneur or business owner would be analyzing.

You’ll get my unique take on email.

Everyone has different styles and ways of understanding the world of marketing.

When you purchase Email CopyHour, you get my take on email marketing.

If you like my style of emails, or my teaching style, then you’ll like Email CopyHour.

I know it’s easy for me to say, but products like these don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Just because you purchased a product from one company, doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a product from another competing company.

I buy products on similar copywriting topics all the time.

I want different perspectives and different "ah ha" moments from different teachers.

If email copywriting is a skill you know need, then time is running out. Today is the last day to join Email CopyHour.

The cart closes tonight at 11:59pm Pacific and after that you won’t be able to purchase.

I mentioned it in a previous email – the price for all of my courses will be raising this year so this is your last chance to lock in Email CopyHour at the lowest price possible.

You can buy now and start the course whenever you’d like if you have prior commitments.

Run don’t walk if you’re ready to master the lucrative skill of email copywriting. Time is running out.

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  • Derek