Time to decide: Email CopyHour closes in 4 hours

**It’s Father’s Day today so I imagine many of you were out and about and away from a computer.

Speaking of, Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s your reminder that Email CopyHour closes tonight at 11:59PM PT.**

That’s about 4 hours from now so time is quickly running out.

I want this to be an easy "yes" decision for you. The purpose of this course is simple:

  • Give you the most common (and most profitable) email formulas used by the world’s most successful companies
  • Help you "hard-wire" those formulas over 49 days so writing winning emails comes to you naturally
  • After just 49 days, leave you with one of the most valuable (and lucrative) skills a copywriter can have: email copy.

In other words, I’ll show you how to take your existing copy chops – and "upgrade" them with world class email fundamentals.

You can use the skills you’ve learned in Email CopyHour to write daily emails (which is what the most successful companies I’ve modeled are using).

Or you can use it to write simple one-off emails.

Either way, my goal when building the course was for it to return anywhere from 100x-10,000x to you over your lifetime… whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or both.

And I want this to be one of the best purchases under $500 you’ve ever made – which is why I’ve priced it at only $297.

If you don’t think the course is delivering on the promises I’m making to you now, just ask for a refund within the first 30 days. You’ll know by then if it’s the real deal.

>>> Learn how to write emails that power six, seven, and eight figure email lists — by handwriting proven email formulas from seven, eight, and nine figure businesses.

Just like my flagship CopyHour course, Email CopyHour isn’t focused on a specific system or set of tricks – it’s built to give you the foundations of world class email copy.

It’s meant to work hand-in-hand with any other email courses you take or tools you’re using.

I genuinely hope to see you inside.


  • Derek

P.S. If you’re currently going through CopyHour or have other time commitments that make it hard to start Email CopyHour right now, no worries – after you purchase, you can choose to start the course whenever is most convenient for you. This is a completely self-directed course.