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Yesterday I shared 3 easy-to-write formulas for sending daily emails capable of growing a 7 or 8 figure business.

Those formulas make up just 3 of 50 that you’ll find in my email copywriting course Email CopyHour.

Email CopyHour

If you want to master email copywriting then I’m confident saying that Email CopyHour will be an absolute game changer for any freelancer or online business owner.

In fact, John MacLennan, is using it as a solopreneur to reach into the high six-figures this year.

If you’re familiar with my flagship copywriting course, CopyHour, then you’ll love the format. It’s just like CopyHour, but designed specifically for email copywriting.

Here’s exactly how Email CopyHour works:

  • Each day for 49 days, I’ll send you a lesson on how to write effective email copy and breakdown proven email formulas.
  • You’ll also receive a real-world email copy swipe from a high 6, 7 or 8 figure business, that utilizes the formula & lesson.
  • Then you’ll spend 10-15 minutes handwriting that piece of email copy to reinforce the lessons and hard-wire world class email copy into your brain.

When you’re done with Email CopyHour, you will have one of the most valuable skills on the planet embedded in your head. You’ll be able to quickly and confidently whip together email copy capable of motivating prospects and generating sales.

Like I said, there are 50 formulas that I’ll teach you inside Email CopyHour – all you have to do on any given day is choose one, pick a topic and start writing. Speaking of topics, each lesson in Email CopyHour will help you generate ideas on what to write about and how to easily fit it into each formula.

This means that whether you’re writing for your own business, or for someone else’s, you’ll always know what kind of email to reach for to make the most money in any situation.

A lot of newer business owners and freelancers don’t realize this but for most businesses who market primarily online, the majority of their PROFIT comes from an email list.

Meaning, when you get email copy right, it produces quick cash windfalls. That sounds hypey but it’s true. This course is designed to teach you a skill that should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you and because email copy produces a lot of profit, your return on investment should come back to you quickly.

Business owners see an immediate return on better email copy, which also means a freelancer will make more money, faster, too.

Okay, I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

First, I’m keeping the price of Email CopyHour well within reach for a limited time (I do intend to raise the prices on all my courses). This isn’t like other $1000 courses that teach you one guy’s email method that works for him and probably him only. I’m teaching you how to write the 50 most common email formulas that 7, 8, & 9 figure businesses are using (and are expecting the writers they hire to use).

I’m not going to charge you $1000 even though I know it’ll be worth multiples, relatively quickly, for those that implement it.

Instead, you can get started with Email CopyHour for just 3 payments of $99.

Plus, you don’t need to decide now if the course is a good fit. You can try Email CopyHour for 30 days and get a full no-questions-asked refund if it doesn’t work for you.

If email copywriting is something you know you want to learn, then I recommend you move quickly.

The cart is only open through Sunday June 16th at 11:59pm Pacific time which means time is running out.

Check this page for the full details now, before the doors close:

>>> Become a top 1% email copywriter in the next 7 weeks


– Derek