Who is Email CopyHour for?

The most common question I get about Email CopyHour is…

"Is it right for me?"

So let me quickly share exactly who I designed the course for.

Group #1: Freelance Copywriters
If you’re a freelancer or you want to start freelancing, then Email CopyHour will teach you one of the most valuable types of copywriting in 2024.

Writing emails for established businesses is a perfect place to start because it’s a) easier to write than other types of copy – most emails are only a few hundred words, b) it’s low pressure because sending emails to an already built list doesn’t cost a business owner extra money and, c) email marketing is where a lot of businesses make almost all of their profit.

Email copywriting normally pays about $50 per email for a fresh newbie beginner – but it quickly ramps up as your skills ramp up and it leads to other opportunities. I’ve seen established freelancers make $1500+ for one 300 word email.

What makes Email CopyHour so valuable for freelancers is that it shows you the 50 most common types of email formulas businesses will be looking for you to write. So when it comes time to sit down and pump out an email, you can lean on the formulas you’ve learned inside Email CopyHour and write something fast.

Freelancing is a value-based career. You make more money when you make a business more money (unlike most regular jobs). Email CopyHour will give you the email formulas that make money, and make it quickly… which in turn, will make you money quickly.

Group #2: Solopreneur Business Owners
If you’re a solopreneur and want to reach into 6 or 7 figures, then email copy needs to be a part of your strategy (quite obviously).

Have you seen what’s happening on X right now for example? Tons of creators are talking about how the algorithm is whacky and their engagement is way down.

Having an email list that you regularly send to is the cure for almost any business problem related to growth.
The majority of your profitable sales will come from emailing a list.

Now, if you’re just getting started, I recommend you send one email per week and Email CopyHour will show you what that email can look like. If you’ve got some traction, then it’s wise to add volume, and bump up to daily emails.

Email CopyHour will give you all the formulas you need to put together a daily email schedule that won’t drain all your energy. You won’t have to kill yourself to write these emails each day, if you know what formulas work and how to generate simple ideas to plug into them.

I’m confident in saying that if you want to be a solopreneur, Email CopyHour will be one of the fastest ROI courses you’ll buy.

Group #3: "Mass Market" Business Owners
If you run or are part of a bigger business or agency (you wouldn’t consider it a solopreneur business) and you know your email marketing could be doing more and generating more profit, then Email CopyHour can take you to the next level.

Often, for these types of businesses, pumping up the volume and sending more emails makes all the difference. But it can be challenging to know what exactly to send each day and hiring freelancers (who haven’t taken Email CopyHour) normally leads to lackluster results.

If you don’t want to outsource it, or you want to train an in-house marketer, Email CopyHour will show you the 50 most common formulas that just flat-out work and generate profit.

Long story short, if you want to master email copywriting and/or extract more money out of your existing list asset, then Email CopyHour is the course you’ve been searching for.

Over the next 7 short weeks, you’ll learn how to write emails that power 6, 7, and 8 figure email lists — by handwriting proven email formulas from 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses.

I’m keeping Email CopyHour open until 11:59pm on Sunday and then it’s closed again.

If email copywriting is a skill you know you need to have, then I recommend you move fast. And actually, you don’t even really have to decide today. Take the course for a 30-day test-run and see if doesn’t level-up your skills and produce an immediate return. I’m confident it will but if not, send us one email and get a full refund.

One final note: I’ve gotten some questions about delaying the start of Email CopyHour because of other time commitments. You can start Email CopyHour whenever you’d like – just let us know after purchase. Meaning, lock in your price for Email CopyHour now, and take the course later if you’d like.

I mention this because prices for all my courses will be raising soon as I update them. When you join now, you lock in all the updates at the lowest possible price.

Get all the details here now, before the doors close:

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– Derek