The big “secret” that drives a 7-figure solopreneur business

Yesterday I left you on a cliffhanger, wondering "What’s the ‘secret’ marketing method of a solopreneur business owner doing $1mm+ per year?"

This marketing method isn’t anything mysterious or magical as you’ll see. But before I get to the specifics, let me show you the overall business model which was ultra simple.

(The solopreneur I’m talking about had 2 online courses teaching executives at Fortune 500 companies how to send cold email.)

  • He was driving traffic with joint venture partnerships (aka affiliates).
  • He had a landing page to collect email addresses. His landing page promised a free PDF guide that solved one part of the problem these executives had.
  • He then sent emails to his leads who opted-in for the PDF guide.
  • Those emails pointed towards his 2 offers – online courses and then to affiliated offers.

    That was it. This was the entire business model of a 7-figure online business run by one guy and a couple virtual assistants.

    What stuck with me most, is that this ultra-simple business model is based entirely on sending daily emails.

    Daily Emails Are The Backbone of 7-Figure Solopreneur Businesses AND Most $100mm+ Businesses

Now, I’ve been involved with and seen inside a lot of different businesses over the years.

The most common thing I see amongst the businesses that are doing 8 or 9 figures and smaller solopreneur-type businesses that can hit 7 figures… is that almost all of their PROFIT comes from their email list. And it’s no surprise that most of them email their lists daily.

The core advice: Get people on an email list. Then email that list at least 5 times per week.

(I’ll stop here to say that sending daily emails is for businesses that are established or if you’re a freelancer with a client. If you’re brand new, committing to one solid newsletter email per week is what I recommend because it’s better than nothing.)

People that are interested in copywriting and sales (you and me) tend to overcomplicate what goes into sending daily emails. We think the emails need to be masterfully built or have beautiful stories about our lives.

When actually, I have a couple friends doing over $20mm a year and ALL they do in their daily emails is send sales emails (and reminders of the current sale).

To a seasoned (jaded) marketer, that’s blasphemy. "They’re burning their list! They could do so much more."

Maybe they could. But they don’t want the complication. And that was what blew me away about the aforementioned 7-figure solopreneur.

There was sooo much more he could be doing, but he didn’t care.

"Get people on a list. Email that list 5 times per week."
If you have a business now (or you’re looking to start one soon), you can do this too, and easily.

Sending a daily email is mostly as difficult as you want to make it – and these days I’m always looking to eliminate complexity.

So tomorrow, I’ll share the 3 best and easiest email templates to use when writing your daily emails… just repeat over and over and over and watch sales take off.

Stay tuned!

– Derek

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